by Vulfpeck

Los Angeles based band Vulfpeck creates some essential blaxploited sounds that feels like a ’70s renaissance happening in real time! 1612 features the deeply soulful vocals of Antwaun Stanley, where he paints like another Lee Fields the playful classic and funky grooves that this stunning band re-generates! A Stax affiliated sunny tune that spreads all the dusty gold molecules up in the air and make you feel happy to inhale them into your lungs!


New: Supernightmoves - Back On The East Side

On late September/early October the freshly surfaced Naive Dancers Records will drop the Feeling Naive Compilation which will be available for free download. First single from the aforementioned release comes from Lyon based producer Supernightmoves and the startling soulful, laid back R&B soothing character of Back On The East Side. Tuned down disco vibes and ’80s soul/pop cathartic samples are all blended into a danceable euphoric listening, leaning to a Summer in the city break free situation! So, so proud about this one…..


New: Cancer - Body On The Bones


Denmark’s soulful duo Cancer gives another meaning of awesomeness for an act that just delivered its second tune! Body On Bones is a cohessive vessel of fragile, soulful electronic pop sounds with Kristian Finne Kristensen's vocals simply becoming a must for every music lover out there! A gentle combination of Rhye's electrified soul and Blaue Blume's dream pop weirdness that feels nothing less than irresistible!


New: Dinosaur Feathers - Zeitgeist

Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers are set to release their third LP, Control, on October 7th and Zeitgeist is the first single that sees the light of day! A blue eyed soul fest with a serious groove holding tight and a gospel tingled vibe that sparkles the pop vibes like fireworks in the sky! Uplifting and joyful pop that thrills in every second passing!

Control LP will drop via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


New: Split Screens - Home

San Francisco’s Split Screens hit us with a new single from their upcoming debut LP. Home sounds like a fest of horns, a cheerfull indie pop gem that thrives through its uptempo melodies and grandiose soulful sound rays, absorbing it so happily with no questions asked! 

Before The Storm LP will drop on September 9th via Name Drop Swamp Recorrds.


New: Daniel Wilson - Killed Ya

Captivating new single from Daniel Wilson. Killed Ya is an electrified psych soul/rock n’ roll, it’s difficult to separate the genres, with all the right vibes placed in all the right places! Two and a half minutes of pure bliss are lying in this thundering manifest!!! Got the shivers yet???


New: Skinshape - Live By The Day


London’s Skinshape is set to release his debut album on October 13 via Greek (?) based Melting Records and now we have the first single available for streaming. Live By The Day carries this ’70s psychedelic blaxploited rhythm and grows a stimulating groove flourishing inside a style that sounds like a British invasion for the 2010’s! A masterful psyched out groovy pop diamond to enslave your heart and soul!

Previous: Skinshape - Mandala


All You Got Is Your Word

by Linear Labs

Souls Of Mischief and Adrian Younge collaborate on this forthcoming LP featuring some heavy weight names of hip hop such as Snoop Dog, Busta Rhymes, William Hart and others. All You Got Is Your Word is the first taste from There Is Only Now LP,  an Adrian Younge-esque sound which means ’70s blaxploited soul injected with melodic rhymes from Souls Of Mischief building an addictive funk groove ready to smash some bones! High hopes on this….

There Is Only Now LP will drop on August 26 via Adrian Younge's own Linear Labs.


New: Mr Twin Sister - Blush

We already know that dream pop outfit Twin Sister changed their name to Mr Twin Sister and we’ve already heard a different pulse with Out Of The Dark. Blush, on the other hand, is a soulful and flourishing downtempo delight that captures the chill out vibes of the Summer. Horns and strings that jump straight out of the ’70s and in the same time sounds like a ’90s Bristol-ian lost classic. A blaxploited shiny diamond to accompany you through your endless beach rides!


New: Darling Din - Killing To Be Bright

Brooklyn indie flavored trio Darling Din are about to release their debut EP on August 9 and what better introduction than the opener, the overwhelming soulful canvas of Killing To Be Bright. Pulling the psyched dream pop strings with the gentle way Wye Oak does, Killing To Be Bright thrives through the shivering falsetto of the singer that could bend the hardest of hearts while the song itself runs towards a shaking climax full with bursting emotions! A dream soul to pop your heart out!

P.S. … and for the artworks alone that they’ve done for its song they deserve my respect! Watch them over here….


My Concern

by Shoos Off

This Los Angeles located band easily makes one of the most soothing soulful music out there! Shoos Off takes the ’70s R&B/soul sound and ’90s Beck inspired pop energy and re-creates a delicate enchanted groove like the beating of your heart! Especially My Concern works like an addictive drug that aims straight to the soul, with its disarming pop hooks and fragile bouncy vibes where in an ideal world this would already conquered the airwaves…. 

You can (and should) stream/download Most Times EP over here.


New: Skinshape - The Mandala

London based producer Will Dorey aka Skinshape creates some intriguing musical landscapes with his latest track, The Mandala. Mixing the ’60s psychedelic pop sounds of the past with some downtempo groovy vibes, Skinshape surprises with this no sample used attitude but only original music placed within this almost six minute delight! An avant soul cinematic incarnation to blow your mind!

Stay alert for an album coming this Autumn!


New: Juce! - Burning Up

London girl trio Juce! made quite a buzz with their songs Call You Out and (H)ours a few months ago. Well, July 9th marks their return with the uplifting ’70s inspired disco pop Burning Up. Alongside with some old skool R&B vibes and a quirky Stax sparkle, this song is a cheerful fire starter for this years Summer!


New: MONIKA - Secret In The Dark


We’ve had our suspicions about the change of style since her latest single but MONIKA doesn’t seem eager to stop there! Secret In The Dark is a groovy, late ’70s disco funk el diablo that whether you want it or not your body will follow that groove! A soothing dance pop gem to remind you the wild and glory days of technicolor New York that you’ve never lived carrying a sweet addiction that you’ll never want to quit!

Secret In The Dark LP will drop in the near future via Archangel Music.


OFEI -WOW (Official Video)

This song by British soul singer OFEI is a work of art! His voice could bend metals and the energy that runs through WOW could supply a whole city for a long time! OFEI experiments with the boundaries of soul music and wins with such an ease that will leave you speechless! An instant classic that you’d run to it countless times in the future!

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