New: GOVS - There Comes A Time feat. San Mei

Once a time comes a song like this and plugs you back to your fantasy world! Aussie singer/songwriter GOVS drops the truly wonderful There Comes A Time along with some magical reverbed-hearted-pop-soul that you can feel your body shivering from excitement. A conjuring dream pop delicacy to cherish deep inside your heart!


Premiere: Ghost Pavilion - Black And Blue

Ghost Pavilion's music feels like watching the sun minutes before the night rises up! His peaceful and soulful pop comes to life with the wonderful Black And Blue. A white canvas that is slowly filled with colourful figures and start moving with grace to the fragile groove and catchy melodies of Black And Blue, a sleeper hit that deserves to be played over and over again! Watch the beautiful video above which is directed by David Kestin and wait for Ghost Pavilion's debut EP, Traces to drop on October 21st!


New: Halos - Dust

London outfit Halos comes out of nowhere with their, literally, stunning debut single Dust! As we read at their soundcloud page an EP is about to follow but until then Dust thrones somewhere between one of the best debuts of 2014 while the shimmering soulful groove hugs a heavenly pop idea and creates a divine hybrid borrowing the best elements from Jessie Ware and Jungle among other stuff! Truly fascinating!


New: Niia - Numb

Every time Niia teams up with Robin Hannibal, something burst inside me like firework in the skies! Numb finds the New York based musician at her best, deliviring an eclectic bend of soulful pop and futuristic R&B that comes straight out from the charming cosmopolitan yet unearthly venues! All these geniusly produced from his Majesty Mr. Robin Hannibal! Jessie Ware can feel her throne shaking!


New: Shallou. - Years

New Orleans based producer Shallou. impresses with new single Years from the forthcoming Years EP. A fragile and sentimental broken down electronic soundscape that craftily bounces under the shades of Odesza and dare to say even Caribou, charmingly unfolding a thrilling soulful electronic pop charisma that will most possibly evolve into something even greater! But for now you can stream below the jaw dropping sounds of Years….


New: We Will Be Lions - When Your Skirt Hits The Floor

San Francisco based four piece We Will Be Lions aims for an ecstatic time travel with their new song When Your Skirt Hits The Floor. A refreshing ’70s inspired psychedelic R&B that screams to the sun and plants a kick ass soul groove right to the bone, bringing to your way a flourishing old school orchestrated soul pop sparkling little diamond! Can you smell the hit???


New: Clare Maguire - Boomerang

Uk based singer/songwriter Clare Maguire dropped a new demo to make your brain swirling! Boomerang is a dirty, energetic and powerful blues inspired enlightenment with gospel and rock n’ roll tingled vibes and thundering soulful grooves coming at you with the force of a million! Who knew that the baby child of Nick Waterhouse and The Black Keys could be Ms Clare Maguire!


Never Stop Loving You

by The Harpoons

Collingwood based four piece The Harpoons make some intriguing alt R&B/Soul that hooked my attention from song one! They flourish a playful, old school at times fun and cook a serious groove in each song of theirs! Never Stop Loving You grows an unexpected ’70s funk pop attitude with the boy/girl vocals switching the mood and the galloping groove making this a case of unique untameable joy!

Falling For You LP is out now via Two Bright Lakes.


New: Vesuvio Solo - Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Thom Gillies (from TOPS) and Cameron Maclean have been writing music as Vesuvio Solo since they were in high school and now the time has come to give to the public their debut album Favors. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell comes from this release pointing out to a world full of exotic groovy vibes, timeless uplifting pop melodies and classic vibrated soul disco. A rare sparkling diamond that shouts it’s ’80s influences with pride and hugs you with priceless warmth! 

Favors will be available on October 14th on cassette limited to 100 copies via Atelier Ciseaux (EU)/Banko Gotiti (North America).


New: Principal Dean - Air

Flourishing a futuristic soul aura and a glitchy hip hop attitude, Principal Dean's Air comes like inner galactic soundtrack for the space invaders! The Burlington based producer emits a Fly Lo inspired psychedelic note and adopts an admiring style rooting a flawless groove in the sleeper hit of Air!

Air EP will  drop on September 29th via Cosmonostro.


New: Wild Cub - Thunder Clatter (Jensen Sportag Remix)


To be honest this remix from Jensen Sportag sounds 1.000 times better than the original! Not that Wild Cub's Thunder Clatter isn’t beautiful but this balearic, ’70s vintage soul with a soothing disco vibe interpretation plants a truly majestic groove deep down my heart, sounding somehow like a long lost classic! The Nashville duo just touched perfection!


New: Paris Carney - Your Woman (White Town cover)

… and when you say: ”Enough with the covers….”, someone drops a version like this to a pop classic and, well, you just shit down, shut up and listen! Los Angeles sweetheart Paris Carney took White Town's Your Woman and turned it into a pop sensation set in the future days! A slow down, broken and screwed, crispy flavored yet fragile cover with her sultry, soulful vocals sounding like a call from heaven! Thrilling moments…


New: Madrid - Oh So Politely (feat. Mack Kirk)

California based producer Madrid really knows how to place his sexual blaxploited soul in order, just so to make the temperature of your body rise ‘till the little light turns red! Oh So Politely gives a vintage spin of laid back sounds and a ’70s soothing R&B kick a la Marvin Gaye, holding a sensual groove ideal for the time when the sun sets! Stuck on repeat…

Oh So Politely is taken from the Better Weather release which is out now.



by Vulfpeck

Los Angeles based band Vulfpeck creates some essential blaxploited sounds that feels like a ’70s renaissance happening in real time! 1612 features the deeply soulful vocals of Antwaun Stanley, where he paints like another Lee Fields the playful classic and funky grooves that this stunning band re-generates! A Stax affiliated sunny tune that spreads all the dusty gold molecules up in the air and make you feel happy to inhale them into your lungs!


New: Supernightmoves - Back On The East Side

On late September/early October the freshly surfaced Naive Dancers Records will drop the Feeling Naive Compilation which will be available for free download. First single from the aforementioned release comes from Lyon based producer Supernightmoves and the startling soulful, laid back R&B soothing character of Back On The East Side. Tuned down disco vibes and ’80s soul/pop cathartic samples are all blended into a danceable euphoric listening, leaning to a Summer in the city break free situation! So, so proud about this one…..

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