Side Pony

by eric + erica

One thing is true, it’s hard to resist to the bewitching melodies of eric + erica. The North Carolina based duo create some strip down indie pop magic with Side Pony, a playful ’60s inspired dream pop that multicolors the grey zone of the life lane and launches an optimistic breath of good old times! So sweet that almost hurts…


New: Dinosaur Feathers - Zeitgeist

Brooklyn’s Dinosaur Feathers are set to release their third LP, Control, on October 7th and Zeitgeist is the first single that sees the light of day! A blue eyed soul fest with a serious groove holding tight and a gospel tingled vibe that sparkles the pop vibes like fireworks in the sky! Uplifting and joyful pop that thrills in every second passing!

Control LP will drop via Ernest Jenning Record Co.


New: Split Screens - Home

San Francisco’s Split Screens hit us with a new single from their upcoming debut LP. Home sounds like a fest of horns, a cheerfull indie pop gem that thrives through its uptempo melodies and grandiose soulful sound rays, absorbing it so happily with no questions asked! 

Before The Storm LP will drop on September 9th via Name Drop Swamp Recorrds.


New: Split Screens - Stand Alone

San Francisco based Jesse Cafiero and his joyful ride Split Screens are set to release their debut LP, Before The Storm, on September 9 and the first single Stand Alone feels like a gift from heaven. A luminous pop partisan that flourishes a gentle indie psych parfume and a warm synth flavored aura to embrace the disarming Divine Comedy affiliated horns! A beauty by its all means!


New: Darling Din - Killing To Be Bright

Brooklyn indie flavored trio Darling Din are about to release their debut EP on August 9 and what better introduction than the opener, the overwhelming soulful canvas of Killing To Be Bright. Pulling the psyched dream pop strings with the gentle way Wye Oak does, Killing To Be Bright thrives through the shivering falsetto of the singer that could bend the hardest of hearts while the song itself runs towards a shaking climax full with bursting emotions! A dream soul to pop your heart out!

P.S. … and for the artworks alone that they’ve done for its song they deserve my respect! Watch them over here….


New: Tv Girl - Birds Don’t Sing


These amazing guys from Los Angeles who continue to blow fresh air with their music, are back! Tv Girl are here with a new album entitled French Exit. Tropical encounters inside a funky hip hop vibration and disarming psych pop elevated melodies make up the sunny highlight Birds Dont Sing. A glimpse to this song and you’ll suck French Exit ‘till the last drop!

French Exit LP can be purchased over here.


New: Katie Day - Time Of The Season


San Francisco based singer/songwriter Katie Day delivers a more than fine cover on The Zombies all time classic Time Of The Season. Her spin grows an unexpected soulful ambiance before it breaks down into a freak piano jazz interlude that could cause some serious damage! Her voice unveils a charisma taken from the hidden vault of the ’60s carefully placed in a galloping percussion with an insight for sparkling minimalism! A girl worth listening to….

Burn To The Ground EP is out now and can be purchased here.


New: Singtank - Can You Hear Me

French boy/girl duo Singtank couldn’t choose a better time to drop their sublime new single Can You Hear Me. Josephine and Alexandre managed to craft an infectious dream syndicate of stylish reggae synths and sunny playful guitar chords while they maintain a classic pop attitude that could conquer the stadiums! Sweet, sun drenched addictive pop to embrace your happier inner self! 

Singtank's second album Ceremonies is coming out this Fall. In the meanwhile you can purchase Can You Hear Me in itunes store.


New: Second Hand Heart - Hold On

It’s almost surreal the way this Melbourne based band tides together their rich, ambitious tunes! Second Hand Heart is the kind of band that should be set up as an example! Imaginary orchestration, sharpened guitars, haunting atmosphere, song structures to make you feel emotionally shivering, earthly production, female vocals that makes the ground shaking! Just like the perfect by all means Hold On, a sunny dream pop melancholy that raises the heat with its edging guitars and fiercely nostalgic ’70s stadium pop vibes! Hold On could (and should) be attached to every memorable moment that you’re about to experience this coming summer! Superb!

Second Hand Hearts debut cd is available for purchase over here.


New: St Tropez - In Pictures

St Tropez is a 5 piece band from Oakland, CA that happily surprised me with their debut song In Pictures. A bittersweet affair of old fashioned indie pop with sun drenched electronics cuddling their warm diy philosophy, In Pictures balances with ultimate success between ’60s sunny laid back vibes and late ’90s guitar pop sensation and brings out this happy/sad feeling that simply feels irresistible!


Breezy, dreamy, soulful and bouncy guitar pop from Norway. Blood Forest Family made an impressive introduction with We Don’t Belong, a summer washed, beach pop sunshine that grabs you from second one with its hooked up guitar lines and unusual sun drenched female vocals. Be prepared for more great tunes from this promising band!!!


It’s impressive to see this Aussie songstress grow and surpasses any expectations anyone could possibly have. San Mei will release her new single Wars on May 12th via London based label Tidal Waves and the streaming experience just got elevated! Still producing her own songs so to keep this DIY feel, Wars exposed a crystalized synth pop vein that almost bounces on its own vibes! The danceable groove hits you like a strike while the atmosphere emits this eerie smoke of otherworldly colors!


Plastic Flowers - Vicious Victims

Vicious Victims is the second single from Plastic Flower's forthcoming album Evergreen. An old fashioned dream pop lullaby that draws its beautiful line from the golden era of pop music! An irresistible combination of sweet guitar railway and sugary vocals that feels like part of the c-86 history!!! This is the song that opens the door to the wonderful world of Evergreen!

Evergreen LP will drop on November 18th via Crash Symbols.


Tv Girl - Laura

Tv Girl are back with a new song and together comes their new EP, Lonely Women.The cheerful, irresistible sounds they provide establishes them one of the most exciting acts out there in the psych pop (with a little hip hop touch) genre. Laura couldn’t be something less than excellent, uptempo rhythms with tropical landscapes going back and forth into a Beck style inspired pop song that gives meaning to the words summer-ish song!!!! This is so lovely that you can feel your eyes filled with tears!

Lonely Women EP will drop on June 18 in cassette and digital and you can pre-order it here.


Σtella - Last Minute Boy

Jangly guitars, shiny vocals, uptempo drums and a soft disco rhythm to follow Σtella's optimistic spring tentions. Last Minute Boy is like the opening season for the uplifting tunes to put a smile on your everyday life. An indie pop anthem, an intimate catchy pop song that emits the aura of the ’90s, let’s play some music and have some fun! A straight forward song to elevate your senses…

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